that’s what the world is today

This is a good bottle of Clonakilla shiraz, but not as good as the one we will drink when life gets sorted. And there is a very cryptic clue in this photo about part of what is going on…

Have you ever had the feeling that some things are moving really quickly in one direction, others are lagging behind, and some just not going in the right direction at all? And things you thought should be simple are way out of whack? Welcome to Australia…a ball of confusion.

We’re in the middle of what will be, in hindsight, a pretty hilarious blog posting that will make you all go “wow!” But for now, life is a bit messed up… It is a complex story with elements in  Owen Sound & Wagga, Ottawa & Canberra, Vancouver & Sydney,  and Edmonton.

Stay tuned. It will all be revealed, and hopefully resolved, later this month. And we will be able to laugh about it as we celebrate.

About waggadventure

Canadians newly relocated to Australia.
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2 Responses to that’s what the world is today

  1. wader says:

    How cryptic. I hope you’re happy and healthy and that everything will be worked out in short order.

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