20000 days on earth

Well, not really.

But the title fits into our blog’s theme of music-related titles. And it fits into the Australian theme, because even though Nick Cave left Australia 12000 days ago, we (Aussies) still claim him just like we (Canadians) still claim Neil Young even though they only visit their home countries for concerts occasionally.  Therefore, this title also fits into the expat theme.

So, how many days has it been on our Australian adventure (+/- 3 days, because of bad memory and that silly international date line that is still confusing)?

  • 4200 days since we first visted Australia, a trip that was part work, part vacation. We had no idea we would ever return.
  • 2150 days since we decided it was time to leave Edmonton.
  • 2206 days since we first set foot in Wagga, during the 2010 flood, for Lisa’s interview at CSU. It was a “sure, let’s go check it out” trip.
  • 2185 days since, on a cruise ship anchored off of Montevideo, Uruguay, on New Year’s Eve, after a wonderful meal and several glasses of wine with friends and strangers who all encouraged us, we said “fuck yeah, we’re going”.
  • 2090  days since the first waggadventure post.
  • 1997 days since we landed in Wagga with a 457 visa and no return ticket.
  • a lot of other numbers of days since getting permanent residency, buying a house etc.
  • 1075 days since the last waggadventure post (and even the last 350 days of that were quite sporadic).

What happened? Well, it started to get hard to write. The original purposes of the blog were: to keep friends and family updated on what was going on in our lives; to tell stories about the process; and, to make silly observations about the similarities/differences of Canada/Australia. Our fodder was all the new experiences.

This blog was all about when life was a bit weird – selling a house, doing paperwork for the cats to emigrate, experiencing 43 celcius, getting used to shops not being open in the evening, the lack of a good craft beer culture (thankfully getting better!) learning what a sanga was, not being able to get good black coffee.

But, eventually, it all became…not normal…kangaroos in the park across the street most days will never be ‘normal’ to us.  But roos, parrots, year-round gardening, shitty internet, heat, lack of weather stripping, it becomes commonplace, we have less to say about it. We still marvel at it all, but how many times can you say ‘we saw kangaroos on the lawn’ or ‘damn those mangoes/avocados/passionfruit are good’ or ‘2.45 mb/s download…what the fuck’? Many times.  But not over and over again in a blog.

  • 934? 500? 360? 200? days since  experiences we didn’t document, such as experiencing Kakadu, Uluru, getting citizenship, the [not so] Great Barrier Reef, the Great [mediocre] Ocean Road, [incredibly great] Tasmania, floods, fires, fruitflies…

So why start again now? Because…well, shit happens/shit’s happening.

Like what? you may ask. Lisa sold one of  Dan’s bicycles today. OK, that isn’t big news that our international (or local) readers need to know.  But it is part of a bigger story…one that may be worth compiling in something more than tweets and fb status updates.

And now, for your listening pleasure, we will tie this back (it makes sense to us) to an earlier post from 1504 days ago, when Dan wrote our most searched/read post. He wrote about Aus music he liked, just before Courtney Barnett went BIG internationally (how could she not with lyrics that resonate all over the world such as “somewhere at the end of june taxidermied kangaroos are littered on the shoulders, a possum jackson pollock is painted on the tar”), and we still get hits on that post even though the blog has been stagnant for months.

So, watch this space for upcoming news… and meanwhile, enjoy:

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Canadians newly relocated to Australia.
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