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20000 days on earth

Well, not really. But the title fits into our blog’s theme of music-related titles. And it fits into the Australian theme, because even though Nick Cave left Australia 12000 days ago, we (Aussies) still claim him just like we (Canadians) … Continue reading

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Anyone want to go on a joyride with us?

Well folks, it’s time for another guest blog! That’s right.. one of the benefits of visiting us in Australia (in addition to Dan’s fabulous cooking and Lisa’s willingness to share a bottle of wine with you) is that you get … Continue reading

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hey there little insect

There aren’t a lot of good things you can say about extreme cold weather, but the one positive of cold climates is there are fewer insects. In Canada, there were flies, black flies, and mosquitos, plus the occassional other annoyance … Continue reading

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Ernest Hemingway, according to our tour guide when we visited Cuba in the late ‘90s, spent a lot of time sitting in a tiny bar in Havana knocking back mojitos at an unhealthy pace.  It seems he also rode a … Continue reading

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Our home in the hills

We’ve written a few posts about our new house, but none of them have said anything about what part of the city we live in, so now seems like a good time to introduce you to our suburb. First, in … Continue reading

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Hello kitty!

When we moved here, we thought being in Australia would open up a new area of the world for international travel. We’ve gone to Europe a lot, because it was easy to get to from Canada. We thought Asia would … Continue reading

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Hometown Glory

We’ve been a bit lazy (busy?) about blogging recently, so had to ask for some help. This is a guest post by Wagga’s newest Canadian. Her own blog is How many other cities of 65000 in Australia can claim … Continue reading

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Slowly, slowly….

One week in our own house and we have about half the art hung, most of the rooms are organized, and even some of the garden has been weeded. Still too busy for a full blog post though…will update soon…

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Herding cats, Wagga version, part 3

I’m not going anywhere. Mail those other two off to Christmas Island and I will stay here and be happy.

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Herding cats, Wagga version, part 2

My brother gets to go with a postie, and all the big boxes are full so I have to squeeze into this one.

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