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Canadians newly relocated to Australia.

Digger Dan

We quite often think of our situation here in terms of what things would be like in Edmonton, or even Ontario, six months off.  Like today, for example, where it is the middle of winter in Wagga. In Edmonton terms, … Continue reading

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Slowly, slowly….

One week in our own house and we have about half the art hung, most of the rooms are organized, and even some of the garden has been weeded. Still too busy for a full blog post though…will update soon…

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Herding cats, Wagga version, part 3

I’m not going anywhere. Mail those other two off to Christmas Island and I will stay here and be happy.

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Herding cats, Wagga version, part 2

My brother gets to go with a postie, and all the big boxes are full so I have to squeeze into this one.

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Herding cats, Wagga version, pt 1

Last time they talked about that thing called moving I went on something called an airplane. This time I just want one of those Australia Post guys on a motorcycle to take me.

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Home is just anywhere…

One evening on our recent trip back to Ontario, we were playing cards with Lisa’s parents. This has been a very common occurrence over the years we’ve been together – thousands of games of euchre, bid euchre, and cribbage have … Continue reading

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We’re moving on up…

One of the good things about buying the house when we did is that we have about one month to move. We are doing a lot of what needs done slowly, trying to be as efficient as possible. First thing … Continue reading

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Home isn’t where it used to be…

Last year, not long before we moved, Dan was corresponding with one of his sisters about their parents moving off the property they had lived on for 58 years, where the four children had grown up. Staying out in Pike … Continue reading

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How to shop Canadian

A few months ago, we wrote a post about how most of what we buy – specifically food – is Australian. At the end of it, we said that though we were willing, or even happy, to exist on Aussie … Continue reading

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permanent residen(ce)ts

Yes, as we said at the end of the last post, we are now permanent residents of Australia. They aren’t going to kick us out [Lisa edit: unless Dan does something REALLY stupid; we all know that could happen!]. And … Continue reading

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