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Home is just anywhere…

One evening on our recent trip back to Ontario, we were playing cards with Lisa’s parents. This has been a very common occurrence over the years we’ve been together – thousands of games of euchre, bid euchre, and cribbage have … Continue reading

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It’s a beauty way to go

Lisa here… I’m slowly recovering from my January trip back to North America (mainly the email backlog and change in temps; no problem with jet lag really). For those of you who weren’t aware (though you should have clued in … Continue reading

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I can see for miles

When people ask us if it has been hard to leave all our friends and family behind, we say  “yes, of course.” But we also say that the move to Edmonton was probably a bigger move. All of our family was, … Continue reading

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Cold, cold, cold

Freezing, it was freezing in that hotel… Well, actually it wasn’t that bad at The Lawson, but bonus points for anyone who gets where the title came from. We’ll figure out what the points can be redeemed for eventually. It … Continue reading

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Among my souvenirs

So, you are leaving the country of your birth, to take up residence about as far away as you can get…what do you take with you as a ‘souvenir’? Not counting your Canadian passport, which, as we said weeks ago, … Continue reading

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All in the Family

After a fantastic meal (okay…we cooked it, so we’re a little biased) and fun at Dan’s sister’s place, followed by a lovely brekkie in the morning (thanks B!), we decided to check out what was new and happening around town … Continue reading

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See you later, buenos noches, bye bye…

OK, so we aren’t gone yet.  We still officially live in Edmonton, but have been away for the past 10 days (so no blogging). We’re now back for a couple of weeks before another venture.  And it seems to be … Continue reading

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W7 – Who, What, Where, When, Why, Wagga, Wagga

We realize that everyone might not know what is really going on, so decided to we should put some things into context for those on the periphery. Rule #1 of journalistic storytelling is the 5 w’s: who, what, where, when, … Continue reading

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