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Renovation blues

The house in Wagga is the second home we’ve owned. Both with this purchase and with the house in Edmonton, we opted for a build over an older home for the main reason that we like to know that it … Continue reading

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Home is just anywhere…

One evening on our recent trip back to Ontario, we were playing cards with Lisa’s parents. This has been a very common occurrence over the years we’ve been together – thousands of games of euchre, bid euchre, and cribbage have … Continue reading

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We’re moving on up…

One of the good things about buying the house when we did is that we have about one month to move. We are doing a lot of what needs done slowly, trying to be as efficient as possible. First thing … Continue reading

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permanent residen(ce)ts

Yes, as we said at the end of the last post, we are now permanent residents of Australia. They aren’t going to kick us out [Lisa edit: unless Dan does something REALLY stupid; we all know that could happen!]. And … Continue reading

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summer’s passed, it’s too late to cut the grass

For a couple of years in Canada, we watched a lot of HGTV real estate programs where people were trying to sell their house. There were two main messages: 1) location location location and 2) make it look like a … Continue reading

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The 7% solution

The house we are living in isn’t very well organized. When the removalists (or are they called replacers when they are bringing the stuff into your house?) were unpacking our stuff last August, they were a lot faster at unboxing/unwrapping … Continue reading

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Global homelessness

OK, so we’re not trying to make light of a serious issue, but we are, technically, homeless. A couple of days ago, our lawyer did the lawyer stuff, the real estate agents did the real estate stuff, and the new … Continue reading

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Mi casa, tu casa

Several years ago, Dan took Spanish lessons. They did him absolutely no good! During our time in South America over the 2010 Christmas and New Year’s holidays he generally just had a blank look on his face when anyone said … Continue reading

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Realty check

With this move, we’re leaving our first house. When we decided to buy (after 15 years of renting, first in London, then in Edmonton), we quickly realized that we wanted to buy a new build. We looked around a few … Continue reading

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