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Things that make you wiggle: How to speak Australian, part 5

Or more appropriately, things that make you squirm. We know that there are a lot of different terms for clothes here. Some are also used in the UK, such as jumper for what Canadians call a sweater. Some are international … Continue reading

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How to speak Australian – Part 4

ABC Riverina (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s local outlet) recently asked on Facebook “if people from Sydney being referred to as Sydneysiders, and people from Melbourne being Melbournians, so what do you call people from the Riverina area?” There were a … Continue reading

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things that make you go “Huh?”

Overall, Australia isn’t that much different from Canada. We share a British heritage, we speak the same language (sort of), and so the general everyday life is easy to understand. But every now and then, we come across things that … Continue reading

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How to cook Australian

Many cultures have a strong connection to cooking with fire. Americans think that what they do – slow roasting on a fire – is real barbecue. Canadians think that quick hot cooking on a grill is barbecue. Argentines cook huge … Continue reading

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How to speak Australian, part 2

How you going? The first time we heard that, we stood there with blank looks on our faces. Was the correct answer “Walking” because that was how we were going… But no, the correct answer is “Fine, how you going?” … Continue reading

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How to speak Australian

For the readers out there who may be wondering, Wagga Wagga is pronounced wogga wogga. The ‘a’ isn’t a long ‘a’ as in hay, or a short ‘a’ as in cat, but more of an aw sound as in Australia. … Continue reading

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