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Global homelessness

OK, so we’re not trying to make light of a serious issue, but we are, technically, homeless. A couple of days ago, our lawyer did the lawyer stuff, the real estate agents did the real estate stuff, and the new … Continue reading

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Allied Forces

Packing. The longer you are going for, and the farther away, the harder it gets.  Degrees of difficulty, on a scale of 1 to 10: Quick weekend drive out of town: 1 Flying across the country for a week: 2 … Continue reading

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Among my souvenirs

So, you are leaving the country of your birth, to take up residence about as far away as you can get…what do you take with you as a ‘souvenir’? Not counting your Canadian passport, which, as we said weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Mi casa, tu casa

Several years ago, Dan took Spanish lessons. They did him absolutely no good! During our time in South America over the 2010 Christmas and New Year’s holidays he generally just had a blank look on his face when anyone said … Continue reading

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Herding cats, part 2

OK, a tip for all business owners out there: if someone orders a product from you, and you don’t have it, tell them that. Or at least respond to your email, or answer your phone. These are the things that … Continue reading

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Binge and purge

Moving half way around the world requires, or you might even say encourages, a bit of downsizing. Not everything we have will fit in the shipping container, small appliances won’t work because of voltage differences, some stuff we just don’t need … Continue reading

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Realty check

With this move, we’re leaving our first house. When we decided to buy (after 15 years of renting, first in London, then in Edmonton), we quickly realized that we wanted to buy a new build. We looked around a few … Continue reading

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W7 – Who, What, Where, When, Why, Wagga, Wagga

We realize that everyone might not know what is really going on, so decided to we should put some things into context for those on the periphery. Rule #1 of journalistic storytelling is the 5 w’s: who, what, where, when, … Continue reading

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And we’re off! Well, not yet, but it’s about to happen.

So, this is it: the start of the Dan and Lisa Given blog on moving to Australia.  We’re going to Wagga Wagga, a town of 63500 people and about 1/2 billion sheep in the Riverina district of New South Wales.  … Continue reading

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