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Comfort creatures: Herding cats – the homecoming edition, Part 1

This is a song about being happy! Feel free to listen to it as you read. Our family is finally all together here in our new home. Our kitties arrived yesterday, after a month in, as MO calls it, Kitty … Continue reading

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Cold, cold, cold

Freezing, it was freezing in that hotel… Well, actually it wasn’t that bad at The Lawson, but bonus points for anyone who gets where the title came from. We’ll figure out what the points can be redeemed for eventually. It … Continue reading

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Herding cats, part 3

We know by reading the waggadventure stats that posts about our three kitties are popular. So, here is another one… documenting some of our most serious “Oh fuck” moments of the days leading up to “airport day”. In the few … Continue reading

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It’s all relevant

The purpose of this blog is to talk about moving to Australia, not just ramble on about our daily lives.  So if we are going to post about our UK trip, it needs to have some relevance.  This is actually … Continue reading

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Meta Blog

Did you know that WordPress lets you write a blog entry and then schedule it to publish later? That is what we did with this one. We are somewhere in the UK, having too much fun to blog.  So it … Continue reading

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Allied Forces

Packing. The longer you are going for, and the farther away, the harder it gets.  Degrees of difficulty, on a scale of 1 to 10: Quick weekend drive out of town: 1 Flying across the country for a week: 2 … Continue reading

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All in the Family

After a fantastic meal (okay…we cooked it, so we’re a little biased) and fun at Dan’s sister’s place, followed by a lovely brekkie in the morning (thanks B!), we decided to check out what was new and happening around town … Continue reading

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Herding cats, part 2

OK, a tip for all business owners out there: if someone orders a product from you, and you don’t have it, tell them that. Or at least respond to your email, or answer your phone. These are the things that … Continue reading

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Realty check

With this move, we’re leaving our first house. When we decided to buy (after 15 years of renting, first in London, then in Edmonton), we quickly realized that we wanted to buy a new build. We looked around a few … Continue reading

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Herding cats: makes AA’s twelve step program seem easy

Not that either of us has ever tried to quit drinking, nor will we in the near future (see the bullet point in the last entry about the quantity of wine made in Australia); but everyone knows that Alcoholics Anonymous … Continue reading

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