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What’s in Wagga?

Small towns don’t always have all the amenities of big cities. But then again, not all big cities are created equal either. So while Wagga might not be Edmonton, in terms of what there is to do, Edmonton isn’t Vancouver, … Continue reading

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The Alberta Advantage, Part 1: the food edition

Last Saturday, we ate a lot of cheese. While this might not be any different than most days, it is notable because we also learned how to make cheese, how to make pasta, and how to make sausage. It was … Continue reading

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How to speak Australian

For the readers out there who may be wondering, Wagga Wagga is pronounced wogga wogga. The ‘a’ isn’t a long ‘a’ as in hay, or a short ‘a’ as in cat, but more of an aw sound as in Australia. … Continue reading

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Binge and purge

Moving half way around the world requires, or you might even say encourages, a bit of downsizing. Not everything we have will fit in the shipping container, small appliances won’t work because of voltage differences, some stuff we just don’t need … Continue reading

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W7 – Who, What, Where, When, Why, Wagga, Wagga

We realize that everyone might not know what is really going on, so decided to we should put some things into context for those on the periphery. Rule #1 of journalistic storytelling is the 5 w’s: who, what, where, when, … Continue reading

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